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Service Dogs


Practicing with Achilles to do his job in public!

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Public Access with Sonja

Service Dog

Yoga Time with mom!💗

Doctorate – Service Dog Certification

Service dogs are specifically trained to assist their owners in a variety of tasks including, but not limited to, visible and invisible disabilities, and psychiatric assistance. Therapy dogs are not Service Dogs and therefore do not share the same rights to public access as Service Dogs. 

The only requirements are you must be in need of a dog to help with tasks or have a health condition that warrants assistance. Also, you must be able to reinforce behaviors as requested by your trainer. Each situation will have their own specific needs so this program is tailored to your exact situation and goals.

Some of the behaviors that can be accomplished are:

  • Diabetes Alert – alerts when blood sugar levels go out of normal range…even at night
  • PTSD Assistance – comforts, supports and interrupts a variety of triggers
  • Mobility/Stability – Help walking, going up/down stairs, and navigating crowds
  • Retrieval – picks up items dropped, go get phone or person
  • Psychiatric  – interrupt repetitive behaviors, comforts, supports and/or interrupts a variety of  triggers
  • Autism – – interrupt repetitive behaviors. As well as, comforts, supports and/or interrupts a variety of triggers.
  • ADHD – interrupt repetitive behaviors while helping owner stay on task
  • Seizure Alertalerts and supports owner when a seizure is occurring
  • Hearing Assistance – Alert if someone is at your door or calling your name,  phone rings, or timer dings

In this 1 year academy, you and your dog will learn how to work together as a team!

To qualify for Service work your dog must be 100% distraction proof in public. This will be a time commitment above and beyond training tasks. You must be able to pass the Public Access Test to graduate the program.


Canine Good Citizens Preparation

The Canine Good Citizens Test is an AKC Program designed to reward dogs who have good manners at home and in the community. It is nationally recognized to be a sign that you are a responsible owner and your dog is well-mannered.

Service Dog Vest and Certificate



Additional Behaviors

Furthermore, you may need multiple behaviors so we wanted to make sure you are covered! Additional behaviors take more time to perfect. If you need more than one behavior we can accommodate with extra training. Additional behaviors include, but are not limited to:

Pressing a button for help if needed – Additional equipment required 

Remind owner to take medication

Stay with owner if they happen to wander off

Alert (bark) if owner wonders off


Due to the nature of Service Dogs, we customize every dog’s behavior to suit your specific needs.


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