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Your dog is awesome, but they might not seem that way right now, right?  You’re stressed about your dog’s behavior… you’re not enjoying having a dog like you hoped you would.  They might drag you down the street on walks or jump all over your guests.  How embarrassing.  Maybe they bark too much or just don’t listen.

We get it, we’ve helped so many families just like you and can’t wait to help you, too.

Christie Mault is your new best friend.  She’ll help you take care of all the things about your dog that you wish were under control so that your dog listens to you happily and reliably — even when they are distracted and you don’t have a treat.

Even if you’ve tried training before that didn’t give you everything you needed, give us a call – tell us about your dog, and we’ll reassure you that it’s not your fault.  Not all dog training is the same.

Call us now to tell us what’s going on, and we’ll take care of it together!  727-515-3385



















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