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Dog traininer tampa, dog trainer st peteChristie Mault – Owner- Certified Master Trainer    
Christie got her start in dog training 15 years ago when she volunteered for some local shelters. Implementing the standards and guidelines used for the in-shelter training program. The programs were all treat based as that is the easiest way to get a dog to do anything in that environment…assuming you always had a treat. There were a lot of rules that she had to follow to keep management happy tho. One being, you can never tell a dog “no”!  She was expected to enforce the house rules for the family dogs while growing up and “no” was a big part of that!

The days spent at the shelter were grueling for Christie. She knew there had to be a better way of communicating with the dogs and help elevate the stress these dogs were going through. Many of nights were taken up in absolute despair that she could not train some of these dogs to get over behavior issues that were keeping them from being adopted…or worse.

Christie finally quit her day job and attended National K-9’s Master Trainer course. While at National K-9 she learned the fundamentals of dog communication and became certified in Behavior Modification, Basic and Advanced Obedience, Tracking, Personal Protection, Scent Detection, Utility, Puppy Development, Service Dogs, and Retrieval. From there she went on to work for a local in-home training company where she quickly rose to Head Trainer.

To date, she has helped thousands of dogs stay out of the shelter for various reasons. From jumping to severe aggression Christie has the skills and knowledge to communicate with both humans and dogs.

Christie’s balanced training methods used to open communication are what sets her apart from other trainers. She trains dogs and humans as a team. Creating balance to the mind THEN the body is what her philosophy is focused on. Applying how a dog is already hardwired to learn and interact is what she uses to get big results. Every situation calls for something unique…and there is not one set way to get results. 

Never forgetting those sleepless nights is why Christie continues on with her education, taking classes, attending seminars and conferences to learn new ways of communication.

Through her years of training, humans to communicate with their dogs Christie has developed a passion for training Service Dogs. To be able to help the human/dog relationship in a way that betters someone’s life is still amazing to her!!








I hope this content gives you some insight into WHO you are working with. We care deeply about both humans and dogs! Our commitment to providing excellent service is what sets us apart. Because your success is our success!!

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Dog training st pete