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Time for some FAQ’s! We get a lot of emails and messages from people that have questions. Below we answer the top 8 questions we receive on a daily basis. I hope this helps! If you have additional questions please ask!

Are we a good match?          

When you decide to work with us it is a commitment to your dog, your family, yourself, and us. You must be committed to a lifestyle that is fulfilling to both you and your dog. We bring a lot of knowledge and expertise to your experience; and, we expect you to use our knowledge and grow your relationship with your dog. We are going to give you the tools to better communicate with your dog. We are not your everyday average trainers and we do not work with every one that calls us. Learning a different language takes time and effort on your part so if you’re ready to put in the effort then we just may be a good match.

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Do you have a guarantee?  

Here at The Canine Professor, we stand behind our training. We offer a Lifetime Support Guarantee. What that means for you is a promise that we will not bail on you or charge you more money if you need an extra session. This covers all the elements and goals that were in your program. As long as you are holding up your end of the training (believe me the dog will tell on you) we will be there for you to troubleshoot any issue that comes up.  We offer support over the phone, via Skype, email or a complimentary visit. You will also have access to a private Facebook group that you can ask questions or just brag a little!



What will be my part in the training?

Let me first say that training is a lifetime commitment to your dog! That being said, it really depends on the program. Our once a week option is for families that have extra time for “homework”. The initial training is very time-consuming (30 minutes a day). Our Academy program is a step up from that. We come to your home 3 times a week and get behaviors under control and solid. We then teach you how to reinforce what the dog has already learned. With us actually teaching the behavior first it is a lot less time-consuming for you. Working so closely with the dog also lets us see any potential hidden issues and correct them right away.


I have trained with other trainers and haven’t gotten the results I was expecting. What makes you different?

What makes us so unique is our ability to teach YOU how to communicate with your furry family member! By opening up that pathway to communication the whole world opens up for both of you! We are the best trainer around when it comes to dogs but none of that matters if YOU don’t get the same results. Every situation and dog is different so customizing your experience to fit your exact needs and goals is what sets us apart from the rest! We have the knowledge and expertise to guide you through ANY problem you are facing.


What methods and tools do you use?

Understanding the psychology of motivation, drive and praise is what we do. Teaching you how to use your dogs instincts to your advantage is what we live for! We believe that the foundation of any relationship is communication.  Without it, both of us are lost. Dogs speak a different language but the good news is we can help you understand that language! We will teach you how to motivate your dog to work with you not against you! To learn more about us and our philosophy click here. 

We use a wide variety of tools for different dogs. We are experts in teaching you how to use them safely and effectively.  As with every tool, if it is not used correctly it can be dangerous.  Examples include slip leads, head halter, training collar, prong collar, low-level e-collars, crate and the dogs meal.


Do you use food?

We incorporate food on a case by case basis. We want to create a working relationship. Not a dog that’s always searching your hands for a treat or simply will not listen if you don’t have one. Food is a very powerful tool that can be overused quickly.


How long will it take to see a change in my dogs behavior?

You will notice a difference the moment you make the decision to change the way you relate to your dog. During your evaluation, you will get customized solutions to implement right away!


Do you offer group classes or board and trains?

For the most part, we believe the best way to address unwanted behaviors or achieve solid obedience is with Private In-Home Attention with you as the leader. However, there are dogs that will have a better chance for success in our one of a kind Boarding School. These dogs include severe aggression (human or dog), multiple bites (human or dog), severe separation anxiety, overly fearful, or just a complete brat! These dogs tend to do better with what we call our Total Mind Reset (It gives a solid foundation of communication so we can better direct the behaviors we want before handing the leash over to you!). A program that is also well structured for getting a puppy started off on the right or left paw with a solid foundation.

Boarding School is not a magic wand! You can un-train a dog faster than you can train it. The Boarding School allows us to change behavior quickly but the work starts when Fido comes home.


We would be happy to answer any and all additional questions you may have! Email


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